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Acompanhe a jornada de Barry Granger para aprender sobre seus poderes enquanto uma conspiração política é iniciada. A história de Barry Granger começa em Perfectus, disponível em ebook na Amazon.

Entra em cena Karen Witwer, uma jovem que se provará tanto uma aliada na cruzada de Barry Granger para deter o plano sinistro da Presidente dos Estados Unidos da América, Ruth Renée Ford, quanto uma ameaça para tudo que Barry mais ama. O mundo de Barry Granger cai em Caindo na Escuridão: Perfectus II, disponível em ebook na Amazon.

Evelyn Tyler, melhor amiga de Barry e o amor de sua vida, vive agora em um mundo onde o mal está por todos os lados graças à Crise Super-Humana. O fim de uma guerra, o fim de uma história de amor, o fim da história de Barry Granger em A Batalha pelo Futuro: Perfectus III, disponível em ebook na Amazon.


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Follow Barry Granger is his journey to learn his powers while a politic conspiracy is set in motion. The story of Barry Granger begins in Perfectus, available on ebook and paperback on Amazon.

Enter Karen Witiwer, a young woman who will be both an important ally in Barry Granger's crusade against the sinister plot of the President of the United States, Ruth Renée Ford, and the biggest threat for everything that Barry holds dear. The world of Barry Granger falls in Falling in the Darkness: Perfectus II, available on ebook and paperback on Amazon.

Evelyn Tyler, Barry's best friend and the love of his life lives now in a world where evil is at everywhere thanks to the Superhuman Crisis. The end of a war, the end of a love story, the end of Barry Granger story in The Battle for the Future: Perfectus III, available on ebook and paperback on Amazon.

When terrorists attack Chicago, only one man will be able to stop them. Prepare for an action-packed adventure that brings the legendary super-hero of the Golden Age created by Jack Binder and Carl Formes in Captain Battle, available on ebook and paperback on Amazon.

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After having failed in his last mission, all Captain Jonathan Bates wants is to reunite with his wife and leave his old life behind. But when terrorits attacks Chicago and threaten everything that Jonathan holds dear, he will have to step up and and do everything he can to stop them and save the city. From Giovanni Alckmim Russo (Perfectus, Falling in the Darkness: Perfectus II and The Battle for the Future: Perfectus III), based on the comic book character created by Jack Binder and Carl Formes, prepare for an action-packed ride and witness the rise of... CAPTAIN BATTLE!!!! Avaliable on ebook and papercover, only on Amazon.


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Captain Battle - Chapter 1: Jonathan Bates

The sun is bright, illuminating the desert which is shining like gold. Jonathan Bates, a tall and athletic captain of the US Army observes the place, while his sweat is running down his white skin. He takes off his helmet, feeling the heat of the sun in his black straight hair. He rubs his forehead with his left hand, thinking about home, about his wife, about the child growing inside her:
- How I miss you, Jane.
- Cap? – asks Nathan Hale, a short blonde young officer.
- Yes, officer Hale?
- Everything is ready.
- Good. Let’s have some fun.
Jonathan and Nathan get in the helicopter with the rest of their squad. He is not with fear on his face, not with homesickness. He has bravery on it, he is ready to battle:
- All right boys. – he says looking at them – I know you are all tired and you all want to go back home as soon as possible. But today is our last job. So, let’s do it and kill those bastards.
- Count with us, Captain Battle. – says another officer.
- Don’t call me that, kid. This is so cringy.
- It fits with you Captain. – says Nathan laughing.
- Only if I was a superhero in a blue and red spandex. Now, if someone else call me Captain Battle I swear I’ll shoot you all before we arrive at our destination. Roger that, folks?
- Yes, Captain. – says all of the officers.
Before every battle, Jonathan replays his past in his mind, as a manner to not only remind him of why he is fighting for his country but to remind of for who he is fighting for. Jonathan was born 29 years ago, almost 30, next month it will be 30. He was born in Chicago, son of Henry Bates and Ashley Clark-Bates. At a very young age Jonathan developed an interest in science, which shortly later became a love and his biggest dream was to become a great scientist. However, as his father was a Major in the Army Jonathan wanted to follow in his footsteps rather the pursue science.
After his graduation, Jonathan went to join the Armed Forces, not taking too long to become one of the best recruits. While walking inside the Science Division of the U.S. Army, he met a young and promising scientist called Jane Lorraine. When theirs eyes first met it was the purest demonstration of chemistry between two soon to be lovers. They married after two years and five months after Ashley passing away due to a cancer and one year after Henry passing away due to a heart attack. After the wedding, Jane tried to get pregnant, but all the attempts failed, until seven months ago.
- How is she? – asks Nathan.
- Fine, I hope.
- I was thinking about something.
- Does this something have anything to do with the mission?
- Kinda.
- Then I don’t care. – he says laughing.
- I swear Cap, it’s an important question. Something that will define our future. My future, to be more precise.
- Oh. If it is what I think it is, you better forget it.
- Come on, Cap. Can’t you…?
- No.
- But isn’t her sister single?
- I won’t introduce you to my sister-in-law.
- But I want to meet her so much. What if I become your brother-in-law?
- Can’t believe I’m having this conversation.
- Our children would be cousins.
- Nathan, I love you like a brother, but I swear if you keep saying this crap I’ll let them shoot your ass.
- You know I like her.
- Get over it.
- You know, you are an old fart.
- Old fart? If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even be here.
- You act like a grumpy old man sometimes.
- Hey, it wasn’t me who was crying like a 5-year-old girl during my first mission.
The officers laugh:
- Hey, I was nervous!
- Yeah, right.
- Captain Bates? – calls the pilot.
Jonathan goes talk to the pilot:
- Something important?
- We just received orders to abort the mission.
- Abort?! – screams Jonathan, with all the soldiers listening and looking at the cockpit – But why? What happened?
- Something went wrong with the mission. They’re not telling me what.
- Shit! We’re so damn close. Ask them what happened.
- They’re not telling.
- Ask them now!
The pilot, holding the communicator with his left hand, asks about what happened to the command center. After being told what happened, he looks at Jonathan, with concern on his face:
- Somehow, they arrived first at the meeting point. The other squad is already dead.
- Dammit.
Jonathan and his squad were sent to fight the Sons of Allah, a group of Islamic terrorists who have been killing non-Islamic people in Middle East and coordinated attacks on Europe and attacked Washington two months ago, with one of them exploding a library, killing himself and 20 people in the process. Their mission is to invade one of the bases of the group, and if possible, bring one alive to interrogation:
- Ignore the orders.
- What?
- Shut down the communicator, we will kill these bastards today.
- Captain Bates, we received orders to not do anything. We need to go back.
- All right. Fellas! – scream Jonathan, walking to where his men are – The other squad was killed by the Sons of Allah and we received orders to go back. But we are already here, so what do you guys prefer?
- Shoot to kill. – screams the soldiers.
- Pilot, put us there.
- I have a bad feeling about this. – says the pilot.
- Don’t worry, we’ll try to kill them quickly.
The pilot moves on, preparing to land the helicopter, even though his instincts are telling him to not do this, to go back before it’s too late. But as much as he wants, he knows that these terrorists need to be stopped. However, as he is about to land, the helicopter is hit by hundreds of shots. The fuel spills, bathing the gold sand. The helicopter whirls while the pilot tries to stabilize it. Nothing works:
- I told you, Bates! – screams the pilot – Goddammit, I told you!
 More shots and the helicopter fall, crashing on the land. John is the first one to stand up. Apparently, he is without any injures, at least without the severe ones. Nathan and the others soon stand up as well, and just like Jonathan without any apparent injuries, except for one of the soldiers who got the left ankle twisted. He checks the pilot, who is unconscious:
- We need to get out of here. Let’s keep in formation and prepare for the attack. You! – he points his finger to soldier with the twisted ankle – Turn on the communicator and tell them to send reinforcements as soon as possible.
- On my way, Cap.
- And keep your eyes on our fellow pilot here. You protect him while we protect you guys. The rest of you, follow me.
He grabs his gun with his right hand walk to the outside, followed by his squad, who then get in formation alongside with him:
- Now this is it. – says one of them after noticing Sons of Allah soldiers coming.
- Split up in pairs and shoot them all! – orders Jonathan – Nathan, with me!
Ten Sons of Allah soldiers arrive, with two of them throwing grenades at them. Jonathan and his squad are able to escape the grenades and proceeding shooting on their targets. Two fall dead, one with a headshot and the other with a shot on the chest, on the gold sand, painting it with their blood. One has his leg shot by Nathan, but keeps on shooting. Both he and Jonathan run squat down, trying to find a safe place to serve as protection while they shoot. It’s extremely hot and the heavy gear they are wearing makes difficult to move, difficult to breathe.
Behind them, the helicopter is blown away by one of the Sons of Allah soldiers who just used a bazooka. Nathan looked at the metallic casing in flames, with a friend and someone he used to talk sometimes both burning inside of it:
- Focus on the battle, Nathan. – says Jonathan – Fight now, avenge their death then and we grieve later.
Another two soldiers arrive and one of Jonathan’s men is shot on the neck. The despair starts to echo on his mind and so the words of the pilot. Three men are already dead, and he and the rest of his squad will likely be as well, but he tries to push this thought away and only focus on the battle.
Jonathan looks on his left and see an amount of big rocks a few meters ahead. He made a sign with his right hand so Nathan and whoever is still alive of his squad can follow him to the safe spot. They run as fast as they can, with all the sand, all the dirty, all the smoke, all the heavy gear pushing them to the ground. When they reach the safe spot and jump to behind of the rocks, one of Jonathan’s men is shot in the head. Now it’s four men down, four families to call and ask for forgiveness for having failed to bring back home their husbands and fathers alive:
- Everyone who is still alive, listen to me. – screams he as he screams at himself, in his mind, to keep calm and focus amid the chaos they are inserted – Help is on the way, so…
- And how the fuck you know? – asks one of his soldiers.
- I know Conrad made it in time. The help will soon be here. – he doesn’t believe that, but want his men to have faith, even if it is for one last time – Just trust me, alright? Now, I need you to cover me while I shoot them.
Jonathan turn his attention to terrorists and shoot them. He stands up and walk a few steps in their direction while his men keep shooting them. It’s just he and his gun. He shoots one, he falls dead, shoots another he falls dead. His aim is perfect. Soon, is five, six, seven, and then he shoots right between the eyes of what appears to be the leader of the Sons of Allah. A little victory amid the chaos on this cursed place of golden sands.
The remaining Sons of Allah get off from their horses and run in their direction, some with weapons on their hands, others with swords. Jonathan runs on their direction while shooting, with his men following him. He shoots two, grabs the knife of one of them and throw at the chest of one terrorist come behind Nathan. A terrorist comes and grabs him by the neck. He jumps, projecting his legs to the air, flexing his knees, and then kicks both knees the terrorist, breaking them. They both fall on the sand and Jonathan uses the terrorist’s body as a shield when another terrorist tries to shoot him. One of Jonathan’s soldiers shoot this terrorist and then shoots another, before being killed with a knife on his throat.
Jonathan take the gun of his fallen comrade and kills his killer. He keeps battling them, until only him and Nathan are what is left of the squad. Before they can be subdued and subsequently killed by the terrorists, two drones arrive and shoots almost all of the Sons of Allah. Only two are left, with one having his arm and leg injured. The other picks his knife and tries to attack Nathan. Jonathan and pushes Nathan away and faces the terrorist. Two punches on the face, one on the ribs. The terrorist counter attack slicing Jonathan’s left eye with the knife. He tries to attack him again, but Jonathan holds his arm, punches his nose, punches his neck, grabs the neck and slice both of his eyes:
- What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t feel.
He finishes him by inserting the knife in his chest. After the terrorist fall dead on the ground, Jonathan fall on his knees, putting his left hand on his eye, trying to stop the bleeding. Nathan tries to help while a helicopter from Air Force arrives to rescue them:
- Well Cap, seems you were right after all.
- Too bad I doomed us all.
- Don’t worry, Cap. Everything will be fine.
- For some reason I feel the opposite.


Coming in July, wtiness the reimagination of the comic book character created by Jack Binder and Carl Formes in this action packed novel from Giovanni Alckmim Russo. The forgotten golden age superhero returns in July in... CAPTAIN BATTLE!!

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Depois da jornada de Barry Granger para se tornar um herói em Perfectus, depois do mundo de Barry Granger estilhaçar em Caindo na Escuridão: Perfectus II e do final da Trilogia Perfectus em A Batalha pelo Futuro: Perfectus III, em 2019 chega uma nova aventura que te levará a uma infinitude de mundos e às profundezas do Inferno. Os Filhos do Anjo Caído, em breve.

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Chaos everywhere, hope is lost, and Barry Granger rises again to face the fight of his life. What will prevail: damnation or salvation? Witness the end of a war, the end of a love story, the end of the story of Barry Granger. The Battle for the Future: Perfectus III, available on ebook and hardcover.

Ebook - $ 4,99.
Hardocver - $ 12,99.